GORE Chapter 11

The next day everyone is at the court, for the amount of confidence Pranav had shown everyone was eager to to see where he is going to take it today. Sahan also made it to the court room today, there also was the psychiatrist Dr.Nanjappa.

The room sets itself to tone of dignity upon arrival of the honourable judge.

Pranav: Your honour I wish to take a few queries with Mr.Sahan.

Judge: Permission granted.

Pranav: Mr. Sahan, are you aware of the situation of the court here? I mean to ask you if you completely validate what Miss.Devi has presented yesterday?

Sahan: Full well Sir, her presentation sustains.

Pranav: Could you tell us the reason why Mr.Ram is being held a suspect in the case.

Sahan: He was at the crime scene, he was in panic and his body language suggested that he is the culprit; it forms a part of our norm to arrest such subjects.

Pranav: OK. Any other forensic proof you have that supports this allegation made against Ram?

Sahan: Finger prints on the victim’s lunch box and pen.

Pranav: Don’t you think a lunch box and a pen is way too less for a murder of such a gory nature?

People laugh at this remark.

Pranav: Any more evidences? Like on some things that are more lethal.

Sahan: Only a kitchen Knife, It had Devi’s finger prints. She was her room mate and that’s understable.

Pranav: You may step down.

Pranav: Your honour, I would like to call Dr.Nanjappa to the front.

Pranav: Dr.Nanjappa, I have learnt that you teach at NIMHANS, is that right? I mean to ask if you are only an academic or have you had your hands on some real cases?

Dr.Nanjappa : This is 27th year in the institute, I have handled more than those many cases, I have switched over to teaching lately for reasons of my own.

Pranav : I didn’t mean to offend you Dr. I wanted the court to understand your credibility that’s it.

Pranav: If you have been briefed about the case here I would like to ask you some doubts please clarify that in front the court.

Dr.Nanjappa: My pleasure.

Pranav : Dr there is this condition that arises when people start impersonating themselves as one of the characters in stories. Isn’t there?

Dr.Nanjappa :Yes, quite common in people who have undergone too much stress, pain through out their lives, it buds when they mature as individuals and develops gradually. As with the majority of cases we have seen, the story or the movie should have some resemblance to their lives, but it could occur even otherwise.

Pranav : Causes of such disorder Doctor?

Dr.Nanjappa : Mostly caused by the what philosophers call it as fate, by that I mean those who have had rough childhood, without proper care, subjected to a lot of stress and pain, or may be have faced a tragedy of losing someone and things like these.

Pranav : When do such behavior manifest Dr?

Dr.Nanjappa : Well, Strong feelings basically, an emotion which quite intense, could be anger, happiness, jealousy .

Pranav:What about fear? Guilt?

Dr.Nanjappa: If strong enough, yes those feelings too can.

Pranav : Here in our case do you see the manifestation, can I argue that Seema did that to herself?  Based on the coincidence of her life with the story itself.

Dr.Nanjappa : Well it would be naïve to conclude that way without proper examination, some history of her psychology would be required to justify that.

Pranav : The victim has shown such a behavior in the past, will that be good enough?

Dr.Nanjappa : In that case yes, but I would not suggest the court to consider this without proper investigation. If her history has that record, she might have done that to herself.

Pranav: Thank you for your time Doctor.

Pranav : Your honour, I would to call Devi to the front.

Pranav : Miss, have you ever observed such abnormal behavior in seema in the past, if so can you give us some insight?

“That son of a bitch Ramesh. He said this was asked by Sahan, that bastard is cheating on the prosecution by leaking information to Pranav” Devi heard these words in her mind and she replied “Yes, a couple of times”

Pranav : Could you please tell us more about it? As in when exactly?

Devi : I remember this instance when she became suicidal after watching a movie. This movie was about a girl who gets murdered by her business opponents as she was growing stronger.

Pranav : Any relevance of Seema to that character in the movie?

Devi : The character name is Seema.

Pranav: Your honour, now we have established reasons why it is a suicide and not a homicide, the victim suffered a mental illness and her death is in no manner caused by my client, he is just another character in her “story”. The suspect to be declared innocent your honour.

Maya : Your honour, mere fact that she was a mental patient does not rule out the possibility of the murder, there is not enough evidence to suggest that she saw herself as the girl in the story written by Pankaja.

Pranav : Your honour, may I ask Devi again about the guy who Seema always referred to?

Devi : Purushotham

Pranav: Your honour, my clients name is Ram and it is Purushotham who is the murderer as presented by the witness. What seems funny to me is this guy Purushotham, has been with us through out the investigation and never did he show up in light. Your honour, Purushotham is the name of the hero who turns a serial killer in the story that seema has been reading. That leaves us with no doubt that it was a suicide and not a homicide.

The court applauds at Pranav for such good defense and kind of work he has done, it was beyond doubt that he has won.

Pranav: Your honour, no finger prints of the suspect on the weapon. Victim knew full well that she was going to be killed, she said it was purushotham who was going to kill her and she suffered this mental illness. The pieces seem to fit in well enough to complete this picture of my client being innocent.

Judge: Does the prosecution wish to cross?

Maya : No your honour.

Judge : After having contemplated the arguments and claims made by the defense and the prosecution and having understood what is presented by the witness, police and professional psychiatrist, the court declares that this is case of Suicide of special nature and the suspect to be dropped of the charges.

That was a happy ending for the case; all though Maya lost the case she was happy to have involved in this. Everything back to normal, Sahan will have to hunt a new bad guy and Pranav has to find a new client. Pranav and Ram agreed upon holding a party late that evening. And Devi left an Address with Sahan where she could be found if at all he needed her, it was her friends house address.

Later that evening Ramesh came to the police station with some info which Sahan had asked him to collect as part of the investigation which was however a low priority task.

He Said “Sir, I found out the place where the book was printed it is this cheap printing services just a mile away from here.”

Sahan asked Ramesh to take the vehicle out for they have to see the printer. They reached the place in 5 mins and it was a old printing press which printed cheap pamphlets and bill books.

Sahan: Hey, do you recognize this book? It was printed here I take it?

Printer : Yeah sure, only book to be published by Kabalamma printers.

Sahan : Who placed the order for this print?

Printer : Some lady, I don’t remember the name.

Sahan : Pankaja?

Printer : Oh! Yes. She placed the order and some guy took the delivery by settling the bill.

Sahan : Can I see the Bill?

Printer : It will take a while.

In the mean time Pranav phones Ram’s house to ask about the party, he later learns that Ram is not be seen anywhere and a huge amount of cash is missing from their house and Ram had withdrew all the money from his bank the day before.

Back at the printing press, the printer finds the bill, and Sahan was thrown in to a shock to see the signature on the bill, it was of Ram’s. He was literally shivering and his mind started to swirl all around. He hesitantly took out a photo of his pocket and showed it to the printer. The printer started shouting, “Yes, this is the lady, she is the one. She is Pankaja”

Sahan could not stand on his feet, he became weak and sat down with his head in his hands he started to cry and said “No, it’s Devi!!” these words said by her when he first saw her “If you could get any close to point of catching the culprit, that will be me” resounded in his mind.


Ramesh: Oh! Mother of God what the hell is happening here.

Sahan : This explains why there was Devi’s finger prints on the Kitchen knife, she is the bloody murderer. We were all framed. Everything was staged we all have been fooled.

Back in the plane due to land in Italy,

Devi : I hated her so much, she deserved every bit of this. Good piece acting Mr. Engineer.

Ram : And I loved her so much that she deserved every bit of it . You played it pretty close to your chest Miss Pankaja/ Devi.

They started laughing out loud and kissed each other.

And that’s GORE for you. Please leave behind your comments about this first attempt of mine scripting tales. Thank you all for your support.



  1. Simply awesome maga. It had been a long time since I d read any good fiction, and this came very very close to some of the best I ve read. Awesome time pass too- At one point I wanted the story and the suspense to continue for some more time. It has probably been worth the wait. Write more such stuff.


  2. good concoction 🙂 .. reminds me of ajnabee.. actually reminds me of many movies with similar plots and twists — especially, ur fav, usual suspects :).. but in the end, it is a good story..
    well done..


    1. Well, you are right, there is more than 1 movie to inspire this little tale. Usual Suspects,Primal Fear, Apthamithra, Seven Sins …


    1. Thank you sir. I read the story myself and I am now wondering how the hell I did this. I will try sir. I will write more. I will research something out really good and then come up with one.


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