A beautiful mind.

I seek serenity; I am as human as you are

alien I may come along; still I am my own czar

I opt to take my way; what tallies to my inner core

lest in denial I rot, leading  ego to an utter sore

One looks in the mirror; to reassert his appeal

I do so to talk to my friend, to share, to emote and to feel.

He is my comrade, the one who knows the real me

Reassuring me always saying, “I am here for thee”

I strain my mind with gawky musings and demented spree

In the twilight I sleep; to enter another realm where I fly free

I dream of driving on the highroad with wind in my hair

I find myself sleeping in the garage by the dawn, thereof I do not care

Treed I am into solitude, I lack the usual congeniality

Blacked out I get very often, science calls it a split personality

Call it emotions in my mind or chemicals in my brain,

Every soul is special, never call one insane.



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