Media playing god?

Ok, whom are we to believe? Has it ever occurred to you that you are being conditioned to conform with what the news channels or the newspapers say?

One little instance of what the news channels do. There was this guy out of my locality, a model by profession. He later on went on to become a gangster picking the leads from the contacts he made while modeling. Lets call this guy Mr.P . This guy had an hobby. A very strange and thrilling one at that. He was one heck of a Casanova. Being linked to the underworld, he came across rich people and Mr.P , the charmer, used to make rich girls yearn for him, promise them a happy married life with himself, drain down their money into his credit and finally flee to another state in search of another victim. Isn’t this one thrilling hobby?

Would you believe he did this to a sister of very famous telugu actor? This lady zeroed in on him and got the police behind him. Too bad, she went back empty handed as she had nothing in her purse left to wet the hands of the bureaucrats handling the case while they were all catered to by our hero Mr.P.

If that was one, another woman with the help of a local News channel caught Mr.P red handed when he was all set to tie a knot around another Marwadi girl’s neck in thirupathi. Lets call this woman Ms.V. Allegedly, Mr.P had married Ms/Mrs V two years back and had also impregnated her. He had taken most part of her riches and had fled citing business trip as an alibi. However, now that he was caught committing the act on tape, he decided to come clean. What shocked us is that the news channel that accompanied V itself took a U-turn and supported Mr.P and a defamation case was registered against her. This happened way back in 2007 and I am sure some of you who are into habit of watching Kannada news channels would have a faint memory of this story. What’s even disheartening is that he had full support from his family for these “stately deeds” .

The point that I am trying to make is that, we are being robbed off our right to know the truth. I am not saying all the news channels or newspapers do this. There were times in the past when the newspapers  were less commercial in nature and when the reporters had no pressure to capture patrons by flashy-half true news. It was in fact the free press that spurred our forefathers into nationalist movement. It was palpably one of the major factors that contributed to the wake in the people prior Independence.

If that was then, what we have today are barbaric news channels waiting to make a quick buck. And in the bargain they forget to respect the sanctity of their profession. In country like ours where media has maximum freedom in contrast with peers like China,Myanmar etc, the reporters become layman’s prophet to the divine truth. They are as important to us  as a teacher or even a mother to a child.

The contemporary world is not filled with rainbows and butterflies, it is filled with dust,innocent blood and sweat. How could the media indulge in a spree of begetting gossips when a Palestinian mother is getting  gang-raped in front of his son by Israeli  soldiers? How could the media be reporting about Tiger wood’s sex life when the aboriginals are still being exploited by the late inhabitants?

Some media take advantage of the human psychology and slyly coerce us into fall in line with them. News is something which is as pure and capricious as the time and one cannot ask the media for some kind of news. It is completely in the power of the media to show news to us and we get educated out of such news. Doesn’t it make media a real god? I am not sure if there is a god out there but given the amount of power the media has, it becomes a blatant call to state Media is indeed playing the god.

What I want to urge the media is that there are more Rathores and Ruchikas in this country. They could work harder to dig out all of the rathores out and stride against corruption for they are our sole saviors our sole source of light. Sometimes I wonder what happened to all the sting operations? what happened to the zeal of making full use of RTI  ?

On an ending note I want to call upon the media and say “You have all the power and you must make judicial use of it. And prove the phrase “Children and fools tell the truth” a false statement”



  1. Nice one..ppl who attempt to publish the truth nowadays fail to survive..gone r the days wen we used to say truth conquers all..nw the tables r turned 😦


    1. Yes, With the likes of M.K.K in Tamilnadu who control the media and with payed news. We are better off uninformed than to learn the lies.


    1. lol! yeah. Now after I read my post. I think I have unintentionally promoted the movie RAN by Ram gopal verma. 😀


  2. Reminds of the infamous Michael Jackson trial. Every news channel in the world was speculating what MJ could have done on the bed with those children when at the same time, there was a genocide happening in Darfur. Nobody bothered.
    And I think this state of affairs could be our creation too. We like such news. We want to see a girl slap a boy on his marriage pedestal, we want to know what SRK had for dinner, we want to know what MJ did to Macaulay.
    And we blame the media for feeding us the wrong things.
    The stone age man created God.. And we created the Media.


    1. True. that’s what I meant when I said “The media is taking advantage of the human psychology” and that’s wrong. It’s very human to heed to such frivolous stories and at the same time very foolish too. Unless the multitude wakes up from the “I don’t care” slumber, the media will continue to cash in on this weakness of it. And how do we wake them? That has to happen via the media, for it is the almighty-the one that holds the key to the well being of mankind.


  3. The Media is very much being misused, long back when it was not commercialized we used to get genuine news.
    Now, they flash something just to stay in spot light, keep changing it over a period of time in the name of ” Recent Development” to finally support the accused.

    Its High time that Media is up & starts working towards what its Destined to.


  4. Very True ! It’s all bcoz they want some breaking news !!!

    They want to survive in the race b/w News channels .

    All b’coz of the TRP’s and viewership ..!!! They are very least bothered about the after effects of that breaking news ..!!!

    I have seen some breaking news (during guj riots) which was displaying the statics of no. of hindus n muslims died .The news was more provoking than the real incident ..!!! At last, I can say they lack morality and social responsiblity ..!!!


  5. “How could the media indulge in a spree of begetting gossips when a Israeli mother is getting gang-raped in front of his son by Palestinian soldiers?”

    i hope this is a typo mistake. it’s the other way round.

    couldn’t agree more except for the above part. Mainstream media has never been free. They only broadcast what’s convenient,profitable and what’s expected from the very people they intend to please. There’s always one side of the story and the other side is conveniently ignored. Mainstream media is nothing but a propaganda machine and intended to blind you to major issues and make viewpoints for the viewers. Only thing is that people live this illusion of knowledge while they swim in ignorance! Remember how CNN and BBC went on and on about the WMDs Saddam possesed and now the Iran crisis. these media have always done the dirty PR works for the Israeli and US (and allies) Military.
    Coming back to Indian media aint it always the celebrity gossips and once in a while “Netas caught on tape”? Maybe NDTV comes ahead on the curve with few quality reporting, yet it’s not quiet there. There’s an India beyond the shining new malls, cruising luxury cars and celebrities. maybe they’re reporting what’s convenient for us, the people. or maybe we’re not yet ready to comprehend truths.


  6. spot on dude! you are it again as always..
    good clean & crisp writing..

    could not agree more on whatever u have said.


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