Make movies like a boss

It’s a hand of a person. Seems like that of a male person. Dressed in black suite and trying to put on a hand glove. There’s a black hat that lay there unattended in the middle of what it seems like an yard. And there there are a couple of kids. A girl and boy playing by the beach.

Christopher Nolan. He’s a Boss. He’s the Boss.

He likes to kill wive’s and girl friends

  • Memento – Do you know who killed Lenny’s wife?
  • The Following – Cobb had hots for the girl.
  • The Prestige – Borden doesn’t know which knot he tied.
  • Inception – She refused to believe in truth.
  • The Dark Knight –  Harvey’s squeeze.

Most likely it’s the Hero’s fault that the wife or the girl friend dies.

  • Memento – You still don’t know who killed Lenny’s wife do you?
  • The Prestige – Secret is the magic.
  • Inception – He did it on her.
  • The Dark Knight  –  He had to make a choice.

He likes the name Cobb

  • The Following – You take it away and show them what they had.
  • Inception – He was the most skilled extractor.

He likes to introduce villains by making two small characters talk about them

  • The Dark Knight – So why do they call him a Joker?
  • The Dark Knight Rises – They work for the masked man.

He likes the opening scene to be part of the twist/reveal.

  • The Following  – The white glowes.
  • The Prestige – The hats.
  • Inception – The kids dress.
  • Interstellar – The book shelf

When there’s a reveal, you’d want to go ” Holy shit!”

  • The Following – White gloves and Cobb.
  • The Prestige – The Diaries and Borden’s secret and the Hats and the Cats 🙂
  • Inception – The kids dress.
  • The Dark Knight Rises – About Miranda of course.
  • Interstellar – The book shelf.

You see what I did there ?


Write a comment down below if you did.

Now. It’s been quite sometime since I played some words on the wordpress ground. Thought I will start by sharing some of my musings, findings and my admiration for Christopher Nolan’s work.  I admire his work a lot. As you may have found from all the trivia I have shared above, there isn’t a single mentioning of his third movie, “Insomnia”. I have watched that movie just once and I’ve not had a chance to watch it again. I promise to update the above once I watch the movie and find some pattern like the once put above.



  1. Cool stuff!

    Thanks for inspiring me to watch those movies again.

    I haven’t watched The Following or Insomnia yet, though.

    PS: I don’t remember the last time I left a comment on a blog.


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