GORE Chapter 10

Back in the court room, everyone gets seated in silence as they hear “The court resumes”.

Maya: Miss, could you introduce yourself and explain your connection to the victim to the court please?

Devi: My name is Devi, I am a roommate and friend of the victim Seema, we are orphans born in chintamani, and we were brought up in an orphanage. Seema and I came to the city to pursue our Bachelor studies. As with my connection to the case as such, Seema used my identity.

Maya: Devi, please feel free to interrupt me when I go wrong while I speak this through. Your honour, as presented by the witness, Seema used Devi’s identity to deceive rich men whom she intentionally wanted to hurt by cheating on them. She was killed by the defendant for he knew she was going to cheat on him and he could not get over that. We have sworn statements on that by the suspect himself which were collected in the previous session.

Pranav : Objection your honour, defendant has only said that he was being avoided, and that does not deem to be a clear motive, I request you to declare this part of the argument wasteful.

Judge: Objection sustained.

Maya: Your honour, I wish to produce a witness which will clearly establish the motive.

Mr.Ram, do you recognize this book?

Maya held a book in front of his face, and Ram’s face lit like a lantern and one could figure he was very happy to be seeing the book, he said “yeah sure, this is the best”.

Pranav wondered what the hell he was doing, he had instructed him that there is no harm in accepting that he had read that book but his gestures made Pranav a bit uneasy.

Maya: Could you please tell us about the book?

Ram: Awesome book, it stands up to what it is called, Pankaja has indeed written a beautiful book, good entertainment. You want me to give you some bits of it?

Pranav wanted to shout out lout “what the fuck?” and slap Ram in the face, but he held on to his bench.

Maya: Please.

Ram: It is about this guy who falls in love with a girl and turns in to a serial killer after he was betrayed by his squeeze, he is good, and he drained the blood out of those bitches.

There was a chaos in the court, with folks laughing out loud, until the jury herself had to bring order to the court.

Maya:Your honour, it could not get any easier, the message is quite clear. I am through your honour.

Judge: Does defense wish to cross?

Pranav : Yes your honour.

Pranav : Miss, do you as well recognize this book?

Devi: Yes Sir, Seema had that book with her, she gave it to me the day before she was killed.

Pranav: Did she tell you anything while she did so?

Devi: Yes, she said “He knows and he is going to kill me”.

Pranav : So it would not be wrong if we conclude she knew in advace that she will be dead the next day?

Devi: I am just here to testify, I am not to give any opinion.

Pranav: Fair enough, your honour, please note this point.

Pranav : Miss, could you give us the name of his? The one Seema was referring to?

Devi: Seema said it was a person called Purushotham.

Pranav: Point to be noted your honour. I am done your honour.

Judge: We are about to wind up.

Pranav: Your honour, I request you to facilitate the court with a psychiatrist for tomorrow’s session.

Judge: Request granted, one of the principal psychiatrists form NIMHANS will be summoned. Any thing else?

Pranav: No your honour.

Judge: The court is adjourned


GORE Chapter 9

The day had come, Pranav made sure he had all the documents ready to be presented in front of the grand jury and made his mental preparation, while Ram wore his best attire so as to look genuinely innocent. Pranav phoned Ramesh to confirm who was representing the prosecution; it was Sahan’s girlfriend Maya.

Maya had a reputation of her own, very skilled woman, talented enough turn suspect in to victim and victim to a suspect, but that was not necessary this time around. She has been secretly following this case with Sahan and every investigation Sahan has made was influenced by her, she too had made her arrangements for this challenging day at the court.

The court room was huge decorated with legendary desks which date back to time of pre-independence of India. It housed a grand bench for the jury facing which were two columns of benches. In front there were provisions made for the defense and the prosecution to be seated with tables.

Pranav and Ram arrived in the court room; they both gave a look at the prosecution team which consisted of Maya and her witness Devi and sat down. Devi gave a look of surprise for she never knew there was suspect in this murder case. There was a total chaos in the room until a voice called “All rise”.

The Judge arrived and asked everybody to sit down.

Judge: Yes prosecution?

Maya: Your honour, prosecution represents public and accuses this man Mr.Ram an engineering student of a Murder of his peer and girl friend Seema.

Judge: How does suspect plead?

Ram: Your honour, I am innocent, the victim was my girlfriend but I only knew her as Devi not as seema.

Pranav signaled Ram to stop talking.

Maya: Your honour, I would like to call the suspect to the front for a cross.

Judge: Permission granted.

Maya: Mr, Ram, since how long have been seeing Seema?

Ram: 2 years I guess.

Maya: How did you meet her?

Ram: College, we were in the same class, she made passes at me, I thought she liked me; I went to her spoke directly, it all happened in a week, we hooked up since then.

Maya: Have you had physical relationships with her?

Pranav : Objection your honour, prosecution is simply trying to buy time by making irrelevant cross examination.

Maya : Your honour, in matters of relationship, sex has been major motive for murders, we all know that, for a counselor of his stature, Mr.Pranav should understand that.

Judge: Objection overruled.

Maya : Thank you your honour.Mr Ram?

Ram looked over Pranav, seeking his counsel and Pranav made a gesture of agreement.

Ram : Yes.

Maya: Has she been avoiding you lately?

Again, Ram looked at Pranav and said Yes.

Maya : Could you tell more about this chapter?

Ram : I proposed for a marriage, 4 months back, I loved her so much, there was consent from the side of my family, I wanted her to ask permission of her family for the wedding. Since then she’s been acting very odd. She made up reasons for not returning my calls.

Maya: OK, could you please tell us what happened next?

Ram : I wanted to settle this for once and asked her to take me to her place so that I will ask her parents for permission, I thought she was afraid to do it herself, but she kept delaying that and finally told me it might not work and said sorry. I somehow got hold of her address and went to her place to seek her parent’s permission, all I wanted was to spend my life with her, she was my dream, my wish and my fantasy.

Ram started to weep, while the whole court fell silent and Maya didn’t know how to react

Maya: Please Ram, do continue.

Ram: That’s it, I went to her place and found her hanging by the nail in the wardrobe. It was hard to sink in, I just sat down where I was, I never knew I would be suspected for a murder.

Maya: Well would have rather escaped from the scene if you knew you would be?

Pranav: Objection your honour, prosecution needs to understand that my client is a suspect and not a convict.

Judge: Objection sustained.

Maya: Last question your honour, Mr. Ram, are you sure, seema was dead by the time you saw her?

Ram: I would mam.

Maya: Please note this point your honour. I am through.

Judge: Does the defense wish to cross?

Pranav: No your honour.

Judge: The court is in recess.

While Maya is busy talking to Sahan on the phone, Pranav and Ram get busy discussing the ongoing.

Pranav: Never ever lose your hold on the fact that you were there only after the incident took place and not while it was on going. I have checked the case file and this is one loop hole we ought to take advantage of.

Ram: OK.

GORE Chapter 8

Back in his house, Sahan was reading this book by pankaja, which starts with a sweet tone of student life, how boys and girls enjoy their lives when they are together in college portals and how love sprang between them. It then continues to depict how the hero of the story and the girl fall in love, how they get lost in dreamy world of their own forgetting all the odds and how content they are to have each other. The love scenes were so good that the readers must smile and say “This book is indeed beautiful”.

Then strikes a tragedy when the girl is murdered in such a gory manner that it set the tone into totally different genre, it was not love anymore. It was just hatred and conspiracy all over, it finally turns out that the hero himself was the killer who grew psychotic after he realized his girlfriend is cheating on him.

Soon after he finished reading the book Sahan logged in to the internet and started googling for information, and he soon learnt that it was going to be tough to convince the judge to punish this suspect Ram and it is going to be even tougher if the defense gets hold on this info he was holding through google.

Back in the police station Ramesh sat alone, thinking through how he should make his conversation with Devi, and how he would shield others from knowing he has had this conversation. There was but only one way, that was to make deal with the lady constable, but that meant there would be a weak link in the chain and another share.

“Hey” said Ramesh to the lady constable.

Lady: Hey, Mister.

Ramesh: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Lady: Sure, you want me to come out?

Ramesh: Please, if you could.

Ramesh: Thanks for obliging. It’s actually nothing, I am going to have a chat with the witness in there, but no one should know about this including Sahan, I have strict orders from himself that this is to be totally concealed, you understand the gravity of the situation here right? I am sure Sahan has briefed you about it.

Lady : Well my deputation here itself is off the records, which makes it less professional by nature, so this little thing you are asking doesn’t sound any different, how much time you need?

Ramesh: Blink of an eye.

Ramesh: Hey, Miss. How are you feeling?

Devi: Like I have lost my best friend I guess.

Ramesh: Well, I am here to ease things out; you will have to answer a few questions.

Devi: Shoot.

Ramesh was really shocked at the remarks Devi made and he noted all of them down.

In no time, he was out of the room. He gave a smile to the lady constable and headed out of the police station and walked fast to the next street for a phone booth. He took his diary out and dialed a number.

“Hello?” said the voice from the other side.

Ramesh: Boy, I don’t know where we are headed but I have all the info you wanted from her.

Pranav: Good, what do we have?

Soon after hearing to what Ramesh said, Pranav wore a wide smile on his face and he confirmed when the hearing in front of the grand jury going to be. It was in the very next day.

Pranav phoned ram over and said “Do you know anybody by name Seema?”

Ram: Nope.

Pranav : Does Neralu sound familiar to you?

Ram: Nope.

Pranav: Fine, come to office right away, we’ll have a rehearsal of tomorrow’s hearing.

During rehearsal Pranav told Ram that he shall not speak unless it’s absolutely necessary.

GORE Chapter 7

So far on GORE, we have seen Ram, a college student getting accused of a murder of a girl called Devi and Pranav his lawyer finds out that Ram has been indulged in unusual activities online with a community he called as GORE.

Sahan, the cop investigating the case bumps into an un-expected witness who claimed it was a case of mistaken Identity and the victim’s real name is Seema and she used her identity to deceive rich men..

Devi, the witness starts unraveling the saga of her being Seema’s(The real victim) friend and the orphanage Neralu and it’s covert operations of punishing sinful rich men.

Both Ram and Devi, concur on this book called “A beautiful story by Pankaja”

Ramesh, The associate of Sahan for the case.

And Now the GORE continues…

Back in the Bar, Pranav and Ram are walking out of the main door, while Ram says, Is your person going to bring us a copy of the file?

Pranav: Yes, he is a man of his word; He has probably had it delivered to my office by now. He tells me that Sahan is investigating the case; he is a real tied ass when it comes to job.

Ram: My mother said he was a gentleman. A real police man.

Pranav: This book, it doesn’t have a name? It only reads “A beautiful book by Pankaja”

Ram: Well that’s Gore for you. (In a teasing tone)

Pranav: Fine you go home, I’ll go through the case file and other necessary material.

Ram: Thanks man, we’ll holiday after the closure.

Pranav: Sure, bye.

Back in his own office Pranav dialed a number in anguish and waited for the other party to answer the call.

Pranav heard a voice “Hello?”

Pranav: Man, what the hell is happening? Please tell me you handed me a wrong file.

Ramesh: Oh Pranav? I am sorry I should have told you before, but was too busy; you are actually looking at correct file. Her real name is seema .Boy! There is this story which has developed back here in the police station. I don’t seem to have any clarity but, my boss Sahan has apparently been able to put pieces together. There was a lady called Devi at the police station she seems be a critical knot to be unraveled to straighten up the mess. She was handled brilliantly, she was not aware of Ram being accused and she gave away the details which were too coincident. It is going get tough for you my friend; Ram is going behind bars for sure.

Pranav: Ramesh, please one at a time, who seema? Devi?

Ramesh : I don’t think we can have this conversation over the phone, we need to meet up in person, no matter what favours I do to you, the chances of Ram going free is weak.

Pranav: We’ll see Ramesh, Justice is what we are all fighting for. If it requires that my client needs to be punished for the sake of justice? So be it. I am just doing my job and you are helping your friend, we don’t want an innocent guy getting punished for all wrong reasons do we?

Ramesh: Meet me in an hour at C.V.Raman Nagar junction, there is a military hotel called “Hotel Mayura” I’ll see you there.

And the phones clicks

An hour later, Pranav see’s a man in his uniform committing one of the seven sins of life, ‘Gluttony ‘, he was hogging on to all the meat he had ordered, Pranav knew for once that it was going to be him to settle this bill and that disgusted him. “Screw these police men” was the expression.

Ramesh: Hey food here is not all that good; this sheep I am eating would have seen its grand lambs.

Pranav: Do you have any Idea what I am going through? Please get down to business and do it NOW!

Ramesh: Brother, you forgetting something, friendship is friendship and business is business, if you call this business then it’s not a bad thing to expect some returns out of all the risks I have taken to leak this info to you, is it ?

Pranav: Bastard! What are you expecting?

Ramesh: Settle this bill for me friend, which will be a good start, and what I am expecting for real will depend on how much valuable this info is going to turn out to you, will quote the “reward” when the time is right.

Pranav: Fine!

Ramesh became serious and started to add weight to the conversation by explaining him all that happened back at the police station, and pranav did nothing but wonder what he was saying in the beginning, but started to realize lately that the pieces were coming quite together and his client is doomed. He was going to lose this case, as there is complete establishment of the motive behind the murder by the prosecution, the betrayal and the book seemed to fit in quite well. However, the only fact that is in favour of the defense is that the Murderer’s name as told by so called witness is Purushotham and the suspect’s name is Ram.

Pranav: Can you get me to Devi? I want to see her, talk to her in person.

Ramesh: Are you asking me if I wanted to commit suicide? Only three of us know about Devi, she is a prime witness, now well under police protection, no one is supposed to know her presence, and the idea is to produce her directly in front of the grand jury. Brother this is as much risk I can take, all for the sake of friendship, you are a good friend of mine and your client is rich!

Pranav: You make me sick. I assure you a grand deepavali this year, no doubt about it, as long as you hold on to your end of the deal.

Ramesh: Anything you want me work with now?

Pranav: A lot actually!

Pranav gave Ramesh clean orders of what to be done, Ramesh thought the job was challenging yet doable and left the place.

Gore Chapter 6

“This bloody social networking website? God what are the chances!. Internet is turning out to be a bane for humanity than a boon” cried Sahan after hearing to Devi, and as he did, he typed www.orkut.com and hit the “Enter” key.

Sahan: In the mean time let’s start the discussion over, tell me more about your relationship with the victim.

Devi: We both are orphans; we do not know who our real parents are. We were brought up in the orphanage called Neralu which operated out of this town in the outskirts of Bangalore. We both grew up together through ups and downs of life all the way. We held on to each other in good and bad. Our lives in the past are embedded with such incidences that we never believed there was hardly any humanity in men. Our helplessness was taken advantage of to the core. To top this misery was all the beauty she had, that face of an angel she had, got people to smile and wonder if it was any decent to be so beautiful.

We were being sexually abused right from the time even before we knew we were. This very orphanage we grew up in, this operates in a manner that is so very off the common. It has given us food clothing and shelter, it has thought us how to live and survive, it has made us strong and thought us how to get things done. It took advantage of people who take advantage of people like us.

Neralu had a simple strategy, it attracted rich men, by using us as bait, see to it that they are well satisfied and in a some time they would learn their lessons, as they would be dead or would have been made penniless or would have lost their  loved one. However we were well shielded of such operations, I hardly took any interest in those, but seema had this thing for the cruelty, she liked to see men squeal and beg for their lives when they were being punished for their sins.

Sahan: Will you testify in the court? We need to bring down this Neralu for good.

Devi: No I do not want to. You can not prove anything against Neralu for the dark side of it is visible to those who really belong there and none of us here know anybody from that side.

Sahan: I have logged in, what next?

Devi: search for devi chinthamani please.

Sahan: that’s seema?

Devi: Right!, I am not all that a socializing person, these things hardly interested me. Seema used my identity to deceive the rich handsome guys. She picked that from up from Neralu. Look for a person by name purushotham in her friends list.

Sahan : There is no one there with that name.

Devi : See, this is as far as I can get you and you are on your own from here on. This is as much I can direct you. He must have taken himself off the list or may be has even deleted his profile. It is left to you how you find him with this clue. I am dead sure he was on her list. Use your “police” skills.

Sahan : Here lady, I think It’s preferable for you to keep your tone less sarcastic from now on. Hey is the lady constable here yet?

“She will be here in any minute sir” said the associate.

Devi: I am not being sarcastic mister, I am here for justice. That son of a bitch needs to be grounded. Sir, you have zeroed in on the culprit, you just make sure you have enough evidence to prove him guilty.

Sahan : You are saying this purushotham is the culprit? How do you say that.

Devi : He and seema were seeing each other for two years. He lately started insisting that they get married the coming year. But Seema never saw a serious relationship between them and moreover he was just another guy she had got long for her, Neralu’s influence over her had her do this. She had plans for him. May be he realized that and went after her.

Sahan : How do you say it’s him? It could be anyone she went out with.

Devi: She told me herself that she was going to be killed by him, she used to wake from sleep in the midnight and shout. “He knows, and he is going to kill me, I shouldn’t have played with his feelings”. The night before, she handed me this book which she kept reading religiously day in and day out. She was overtly obsessed with this book, I remember her mentioning once that this is not just a story book, it is a manual to be used by guys at Neralu and she guffawed her brains out like a witch who has mastered an art to melt Diamonds.

She reached inside her blouse and took out a pocket book, it had no cover page. Sahan took it over and it read “A beautiful story by Pankaja”

Gore. chapter 5

It is about 6:30 pm.Pranav and Ram are seated in a bar; Pranav is sipping from a bottle of foster while Ram is taking nothing.

Pranav: First of all, tell me about the book you had read, you once asked me to read it but I didn’t. I faintly remember that the style of murder is similar, what about the book?

Ram: The moderator of the community gave me the book, it is a story written by someone called Pankaja. Her whereabouts is still a mystery; the story is about a college guy who turns a serial killer after he was betrayed by his girlfriend.

Pranav: community as in? Gear? Gore?

Ram: Yes, See I know all the evidence points towards me, may be I was framed, I don’t know, I didn’t commit the crime.

Pranav: Tell me about the book, can I have the book myself?

Ram: Sure, It’s in the car, I will give it to you when we part tonight, I have two more copies one in my bag pack and another in my bedroom.

Pranav: You have been carrying it everywhere?

Ram: That’s the only book I have been reading ever since I laid my hands on it for the first time.

Pranav: Must be very interesting then.

Ram: You have no idea!

Even this time around, Pranav could sense that Ram seemed way beyond normalcy. Some satisfaction of achievement, a victorious at that, in his eyes. Pranav started to get a feeling that he has bitten more than he could chew; he already felt the embarrassment of failure.

To be continued …

Gore. Chapter 4

Back in the police station that night, Sahan became furious over the lady in the black saree .He shouted “you are nuts?, wasting my time is what you are doing, now get the hell out of here”

Devi: You have to believe me. I am devi in real, not the one dead.

Sahan: Are you suggesting that this is a case of mistaken identity?

Devi : Yes.

Sahan: I don’t understand, what is your relationship with the actual victim as you claim?

Devi: She is my friend, my roomy, I don’t know exactly who the culprit is but I can point you to a place where to look for.

Sahan: We will come to that in a while, let’s go over the case of mistaken identity now. Tell me about your friend, the victim

Devi: We know each other from our school, we both came to Bangalore for our bachelor studies, I chose B.A and she took engineering. Her actual name is seema, she was very pretty, so beautiful, one has to fall in love with her, she had a perfect mixture of beauty and brains.

Sahan: What is the confusion all about, why is that she called devi?

Devi: like I said, I can’t talk about this much right now, I want you to believe that I am of help to the case; I want you to protect me. If you catch hold of the culprit, many more lives will be saved.

Sahan: I still don’t trust you lady.Unless proper justification is given, I will not buy it.

Devi: Fine, she used my identity to fool some people, she did that to goof around with handsome guys. Guys fell on their knees begging for her compassion and she took advantage of that, she used my identity, which I was unaware of.

Heycalled Sahan “Call Ramesh now and ask him to be here with the case file and arrange for a lady constable as soon as possible”. “Sir” said his associate and headed towards to the phone.

Sahan: could you please help yourself and be seated, I will need to go over the case file just avoid possible wastage of time by listening to you further, you are safe here.

Devi : Sure, in the mean time if you are not busy with something else, could you open up this website for me?

Sahan: And why would I do that? Which website?

Devi: you would do that because that’s the only place you can find the culprit, the web address is www.orkut.com.